Life is Beautiful (33 yr Breast Cancer survivor stage 4 )

I was terminal in 1982 ,my Breast Cancer from 1981 metastasized to both my lungs. I had a double modified radical mastectomy in 1981 and a prophylactic one in 1982 . When I went for reconstruction they did a chest ex-ray the same day before surgery. I woke up to find they did not do reconstruction just took off my other breast to be ready for Chemo. My Mom died when I was 7 in 1952 when the "C" word was hush hush. My mom left her 3 little girls 2,7 and 11. My boys were 7,14 and 15. I was determined to stay alive for them to have their mother.I did not have self pity. I always had a fight within me to be strong. POSITIVE thoughts only! Most of my family make me feel ashamed to talk about it. They see it as bragging and are not empathetic,it is old news to them. But strangers bless me for telling them as it gives them hope. The best reward to me is seeing their smiles. I am humbled and overwhelmed. Nobody told me anything positive,just looked at me with pity I did not want. But telling my story makes me feel I do have a purpose. Doctors. at Sloan Kettering in NYC and Fox Chase in Philly said I am a Miracle and should tell my story to give hope to others. My oncologist Dr. Dennis Berman in Pa. also said that. This shy little girl is not shy anymore. I am a survivor 33 years this week and April 29th I will be 69. I am a very proud mother of 3 adult sons and grandmother of 6 ages 4-21 . Lets all stomp this monster out now! Every 13 minutes a person dies from Breast cancer. So be aware take care and fight like a girl!

Roz Pindyck
Monroe Township, NJ